Thrive4Life, working in association with the Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre, have extensive experience of helping businesses promote positive mental health and general wellbeing for their employee’s.

At Thrive4Life we believe that good mental health and general wellbeing is a right not a privilege. We will help your business become a “health-creating work environment”. We have designed a portfolio of cost-effective, flexible training modules, courses and bespoke consultancy that will:
  • equip your HR and Policy Makers with the knowledge to establish a solid, structured, effective operational management plan incorporating a well-formed health and wellbeing initiative
  • provide further support with employee-focused training (e.g. Wellbeing Champions & Line Managers)
  • show you how to motivate and inspire your staff to continually prioritise their own personal mental health and wellbeing.


Workstation Assessment for Homeworkers

Our DSE Workstation Assessor will conduct a remote assessment for employees that are working from home, including a written report.


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA Certified)

This 2-day course qualifies the successful delegate as a MHFA certified Mental Health First Aider. Includes the official MHFA course manual book.

Wellbeing Champion Training

This half-day course provides an all-round education in health and wellbeing, so the delegate can help support their organisation in cultural change.

Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

A series of online meditation & mindfulness sessions to help your employees rest their mind and support their mental wellbeing during these uncertain times.

Managing Stress and Mental Health during these uncertain times

A half-day course providing direction with an effective strategy for supporting the stress and mental health of your workforce.

Training for Line Managers: Stress & Mental Health in the Workplace

A half-day course specifically for Line Managers covering the importance of effective management of mental health, stress & employee wellbeing.

Consultancy: Strategy and Implementation of Stress & Mental Health Management

Bespoke one-to-one online consultancy on how to support and enhance mental health now and in the changing working environment due to Covid-19 crisis.


A range of musculoskeletal injury prevention training and consultancy services for businesses in the City of London.

We are specialists (with over 30 years experience) in workstation assessment and musculoskeletal injury training solutions. Our extensive portfolio of human ergonomics and manual handling training and consultancy services, will allow your employees to work safer and will help reduce injury and absence.

Workstation Assessment for Homeworkers

Our DSE Workstation Assessor will conduct a remote assessment of an employees ‘working from home’ workstation. Written report included.

Workstation assessment for homeworkers

Display Screen Equipment Workstation Assessment

Our specialist DSE Workstation Assessor will visit your workplace to perform thorough workstation assessments, with a full written report included.

Online DSE Assessment & Training Tool

Our Online DSE Assessment Tool not only identifies risk of injury in your employees, but also trains them to adopt better musculoskeletal health practices.

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Training

Staff members will be taught step-by-step techniques for safer manual handling, with a focus on ‘real world’ practical application and advice.