Online DSE Assessment Tool - HELP

Note: Some options are only visible to ‘administrator’ users within your company. If you are not an administrator user, then you will only see the ‘Dashboard’ page.


  1. The “Dashboard” page (View profile details, take new assessments and view completed assessments)
  2. The “Assessments” page (view status of allocated assessments)
  3. The “Users” page (Adding Users, Assigning Assessments, Archiving and Deleting Users
  4. The “Companies and Departments” page (Creating Departments)
  5. The “License Management” page (Viewing and Purchasing assessment licenses)

The Dashboard page

The Dashboard is where you can view details about your profile, start any new assessments that have been allocated to you, and view results from previously completed assessments. If you have been assigned an assessment to complete, then this will be shown under the ‘Your assessments’ section. Just click the assessment to get started.

The ‘Email Notification’ toggle switch allows you to turn off/on email notifications about assessments that have been completed. If you are a department admin user, then you can use this toggle switch to turn off email notifications each time one of your team completes an assessment.

The Assessments page

The Assessments page is where you can view details of any completed assessments.

You must first Filter by Assessment Type using the drop-down selection tool. After selecting an assessment type, you will be able to see a list of all users that have been allocated this type of assessment.

Click on the specific assessment that you are interested in to obtain more information on that assessment. If you are an Admin User, you can then start to explore, resolve and/or make notes on the specific issues that have been identified.

The Users page

The Users page is where you can create new users, assign assessments to users, delete users, and archive assessments.

You can Filter by assessment if you only want to report on a specific assessment type.

The table columns can be sorted in ascending/descending order, or you can search for specific text.

If you want to select more than one user at a time, you can user the checkbox column to select all the users you wish to work with.

You can also Export Results to Excel.

Creating Users in bulk (CSV upload) – You can bulk upload new users by submitting a properly formatted CSV file. Your CSV should contain 5 columns as shown below, and a sample CSV is available.

name | email | company | department | role

(Ensure correct spelling of your Company. If you have not created specific departments, then the department column should contain Default Department. The standard user role is User, while roles of Department Admin and Company Admin can be assigned to administrator users within your company/organisation.)

The Companies and Departments page

On the Companies and Departments page you can view the structure of your company/organisation. If you are an Admin user, you are able to create new Departments within your company/organisation.

The License Management page

License Management is where you can see how many credits you have remaining, purchase new license credits, and view the history of license purchases.

1 Credit allows 1 User access to either the Home/Flexi-Worker DSE Assessment or the Office-Worker DSE assessment. I.e. if you wanted a User to take both assessment types, they would require 2 Credits.

Assessments are valid for 12 months. I.e. once an assessment is allocated to a User, that User has 12 months to take that specific assessment type as many times as they like.

The Reports page

Reports is where admin users can run reports to see a variety of different information about their registered users.