Health and Wellbeing Publications

We produce engaging publications written by health and wellbeing experts that can be customised to suit your brand and your business.

Newsletters and other print and online materials are an essential tool for promoting awareness and education about the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Regular publications encourage open conversations among staff and help to drive a positive work culture in which employees can thrive.

Our health and wellbeing publications are tailored to include your organisation’s name, website, strapline and logo, introductory text and any other requirements you may have. They can be distributed easily and flexibly via email, intranets or other digital platforms. We publish on a wide range of topics relating to mental and physical health, wellbeing, stress, nutrition and exercise, as well as specific events (e.g., COVID-19) that may negatively impact health and wellbeing at work.


  • Promotes awareness about key work-related concerns such as stress, anxiety, sleep, exercise and nutrition
  • Provides valuable information and guidance to your community, including support for those with specific health and wellbeing issues
  • Demonstrates support and care for employees while promoting a positive work culture
  • Empowers businesses to positively engage with employees and/or customers through provision of relevant content

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