Short, educational wellbeing talks and webinars on a variety of subjects relating to health, wellbeing, nutrition and mental health.

Our professional speakers are specialist in delivering health and wellbeing talks.

Key details:
  • Aimed at: Everyone – from senior management to junior members of staff.
  • Cost: From £395 to £595 + VAT per talk, depending on the speaker.
  • Duration: Bespoke depending on your requirements, but we suggest 30 to 50 minutes per talk.
  • Location: Via webinar (we support Crowdcast, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams & Webex), or in-person at your workplace.

Talk subjects that we cover:

Webinar presented by Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Colin Hamilton-Davies, University College London:
  • Looking after your health in COVID times
  • Supporting your body’s natural defences against viruses
Dr Hamilton-Davies has over 30 years’ experience of working in intensive care. He is the Clinical Lead for the Acute Cardiac Critical Care department, at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, City of London, probably the largest critical care unit in the UK. Dr Hamilton-Davies is also Clinical Associate Professor at University College London, where he has been involved in research on the immune system for the past 25 years.
Wellbeing Webinars presented by Thrive4life’s Director of Mental Health Training, Damon Peterson:
  • Introduction to Mental Health Awareness for all staff
  • Introduction to Managing Mental Health in the Workplace for Line Managers
  • Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness
Wellbeing Webinars presented by Thrive4life Health & Wellbeing Specialist, Chiedu Hing:
  • How to Achieve a Good Work/Life Balance
  • How to Optimise your Sleep
  • Looking after your emotional and physical wellbeing
Wellbeing Webinars presented by Thrive4Life lead nutritionist, Marcelle Dubruel:

Energy, stress, wellbeing topics:

  • Optimum Nutrition – Anxiety and Stress Resilience
  • Optimising your Energy and Resilience through Good Nutrition
  • Optimum Nutrition for your Immune System
  • Mindset and Good Mood Foods
  • Mental Health and Brain Nutrition

Weight Management topics:

  • Be a Healthy Weight for you
  • Turn your skinny gene on!
  • Happy Hormones Happy Weight
  • Dynamic Digestion – Eat to be Slim
  • Optimum Nutrition and Mindset for Healthy Weight Management

Seasonal Nutritional Topics:

  • Autumn Re-Set – Change up your eating habits
  • Winter Wellness – Support and boost your immune system
  • Spring cleanse – Dietary and nutritional advice
  • Summer Shape Up – Top tips for shaping up for summer
Musculoskeletal Health Wellbeing Webinar presented by Osteopaths For Industry consultant Laurence Jones, Osteopath:
  • Looking after your back and neck at work
Musculoskeletal Health Wellbeing Webinar presented by Osteopaths For Industry consultant Emma McDonald, Physiotherapist:
  • Managing your musculoskeletal health while working from home
  • Future proof your wellbeing – Looking after your physical health in a seated role
  • Protect yourself against muscle aches & pains and back injury at work and at play!

The people that work for us are our greatest asset. The wellbeing of our staff therefore has to be fundamental to the success of our business.

Price and availability:

Our educational talks/webinars are priced from £395 to £595 + VAT per talk (depending on the speaker). Talks/webinars are up to 60 minutes duration.

Please get in touch with us or outline your requirements using the form below, and we’ll be in touch.