At Thrive4Life we believe that good health and wellbeing, and the ability to access wellbeing support services, is a right not a privilege. Our mission is to help businesses to take control of their wellbeing services, and create a nurturing environment where employees can thrive.

We offer a portfolio of health and wellbeing services tailored to support business in the City of London, with particular specialisation in the insurance marketplace.

Statistics, data and feedback from multiple studies has ‘drawn back the curtains’ on mental ill health, stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Introduction to Managing Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace

A half-day course explaining what is meant by ‘stress’ and ‘mental ill-health’, and the exploring the importance of the effective management of these issues.

Line Manager training: Managing Stress and Mental Health

A half-day course specifically for Line Managers, explaining the importance of effective management mental health, stress & employee wellbeing in the workplace.

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Strategy and Implementation of Stress & Mental Health Management

A series of modular courses providing the delegate with a 360-degree strategy for managing stress and mental ill health in their workplace.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA Certified)

This 2-day course qualifies the successful delegate as a MHFA certified Mental Health First Aider. Includes the official MHFA course manual book.

Wellbeing Champion Training

This half-day course provides an all-round education in health and wellbeing, so the delegate can help support their organisation in cultural change.


Individuals and delegate groups can book places on our courses using the online tool below.
Do you have a larger group of delegates that require training?

We can run a bespoke course for groups of 6 or more delegates. The training can be conducted either at your workplace or at our offices in the Lloyd’s building.

Please get in touch so that we can discuss your specific requirements and your preferred dates.