Aims & Objectives:

This course is designed to teach line managers about stress and mental health, and the importance of effective management of these issues. The aim is to provide attendees with information to deliver a successful, inclusive, and supportive management strategy for stress and mental health. This course has been tailored, with the additional demands caused by the current pandemic in mind.

Key details:
  • Aimed at: Line Managers
  • Cost: Dependant on duration and the number of delegates attending.
  • Duration: 1-2 hours, depending on content requirements (fully customisable).
  • Location: This course can be conducted online or in-person.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding what stress and mental health is and common conditions seen amongst staff.
  • The Business Case for managing stress and mental health – ‘Why this Matters’ from a line managers perspective. (Look at the cost and implications of Presenteeism / Absenteeism /Staff Turnover.) How these costs may be multiplied because of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The critical importance of the role of the line manager in managing stress of their team in these uncertain times.
  • Recognising signs and symptoms of stress and mental ill health in yourselves and others. The instructor will relate this to current times and discuss common mental health issues and specifically with issues relating from stress and anxiety (for example: Increased stress from the crisis, coronavirus anxiety, concerns of coming out of lockdown, added stress and pressure of home working, etc.).
  • An appreciation of the mental health continuum model as it related to individuals presenting with stress and mental ill health.
  • An appreciation of the individual manager’s ‘frame of reference’ and the importance of developing non-judgemental listening skills.
  • Details of the support measures that each client already have in place for staff and management (including services, policy and procedure details and where to reference). This will reflect your management strategies and processes and where managers can access further assistance. We will incorporate this material into the training and liaise with you to ensure accuracy of content.
  • Importance of understanding the stigma and discrimination, lack of understanding and fear of addressing mental health issues.
  • How to manage an employee who may want to talk to their line manager directly regarding stress and mental ill health. Education in the ALGEE approach (A: Conversation approach/L: Listen and communicate non-judgmentally/G: Give emotional support and information, E: Encourage professional help, E: Encourage other support.
    • The importance of line managers and staff developing ‘Protective Factors’ :
    • Habits and life skills
    • Emotional and physical wellbeing
    • Workplace factors
    • Life/social circumstances

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